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Pharaohs Bullion in Edinburgh is our leading site for precious metal buying and selling. We deal in Gold Jewellery, Gold Coins, Antique Silver and Scrap Gold. Every piece of jewellery tells a story. When it comes to selling items, we recognise the attachment you hold to your part in this story. We work with you to ensure your valuation is accurate, providing true and honest reflections that are generated honestly against today’s market. We focus on continuing the narrative of each item, extending its use through our extensively refined trade. 



Our appointment-only store distinguishes itself through a unique approach. Operating exclusively, our central location epitomises the epitome of exclusivity and sophistication, providing you with a private consultation space to engage in the selling, reselling and purchasing of jewellery. Our curated selection of antique pieces stands out, representing the elegance and craft relevant to the industry well.


Our vision is to trade in jewellery that represents something distinct. We recognise that each piece hosts its own identity, distinguished by markings, decorative elements, metal finishes and visual enhancement that marks it as an exceptional one-off piece. We prioritise ensuring that the way we work showcases the appeal of each item, providing a luxury way of trading in accessories. 


Your visit to our central store is committed by us to be productive, assistive and supportive. Our premium service provides you with the resources and knowledge relevant to the trade, ensuring you can trust in our transactions and work with us uniquely to browse, buy or sell. Through the privacy we inscribe to each visit to our Edinburgh location, we ensure that each client receives undivided attention, fostering a personalised and unhurried shopping experience that emanates quality and sophistication from our premium boutique in Edinburgh.


We work consciously and proactively providing you with valuations that allow you to make the most of your relationship with us. Every experience is customised, advancing the way jewellery is sold and bought by bringing a sense of personal service to it. We value consistency, applying our accurate assessment to each trading instance to ensure every transaction is valid, authentic and transparent. When it comes to sales, we provide quick payouts, open communication and honest trading prices. Our valuations are accurate, our support instantaneous and our vision clear. The decisions we make are rooted in knowledge of the trade, allowing you to interact with our refined service with trust, faith and expectation.


Our store is where we come into contact with your aims, valuing your items, extending offers, trading productively and assisting you diligently. By conducting appointment-only bookings, we provide you with the ability to partake in considered and mindful trade, imparting a service that’s defined by equality, assurance and partnership. Schedule a consultation at your convenience and trade in confidence at our distinguished antique jewellery shop in Edinburgh.


Phone: 07711884270

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